(FSML) Heart of a Mother. Consecrated Life: The Church constantly reminds us that the consecrated life is a foreshadowing of the future Kingdom, as this form of life eloquently foretells the resurrected state and the glory of the heavenly realm.

The post-synodal apostolic exhortation Vita Consecrata recalls this fact in the following manner, “In our world, where it often seems that the signs of God’s presence have been lost from sight, a convincing prophetic witness on the part of consecrated persons is increasingly necessary. In the first place this should entail the affirmation of the primacy of God and of eternal life, as evidenced in the following and imitation of the chaste, poor and obedient Christ, who was completely consecrated to the glory of God and to the love of his brethren. The fraternal life is itself prophetic in a society which, sometimes without realizing it, has a profound yearning for a brotherhood which knows no borders. Consecrated persons are being asked to bear witness everywhere with the boldness of a prophet who is unafraid of risking even his life” (VC, 85).