(FSML) In our world, where the traces of God often seem to be lost, a strong prophetic witness on the part of consecrated persons is urgently needed. It will focus first of all on the affirmation of the primacy of God and of future goods, which emerges from the following and imitation of Christ chaste, poor and obedient, totally devoted to the glory of the Father and to the love of brothers and sisters.

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Fraternal life itself is a prophecy taking place in the context of a society which, sometimes without realizing it, has a deep yearning for a fraternity without borders. Consecrated persons are asked to offer their witness with the frankness of the prophet, who is not afraid of risking even his life. An intimate persuasive force derives from prophecy from the coherence between proclamation and life. Consecrated persons will be faithful to their mission in the Church and in the world, if they are able to continually review themselves in the light of the Word of God. In this way they will be able to enrich the other faithful with the charismatic goods they have received, allowing themselves to be challenged by prophetic provocations. coming from other ecclesial components. In this exchange of gifts, guaranteed by full harmony with the Magisterium and the discipline of the Church, the action of the Spirit will shine which “unifies it in communion and service, instructs and directs it through the various hierarchical and charismatic gifts”. (VC 85)

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