Most Rev. and dearest Mother Ilaria, dear Mother Myriam, Mothers Counselor, Mother Luisella and dear Sisters …
“May the peace of Christ reign in our hearts; the word of Christ dwells among you in his richness ”.
With this sentence from the letter of St. Paul the Apostle to the Colossians, we present ourselves to you to express our dear and affectionate thanks. By renewing our holy vows in front of the altar we are more aware that he cares for us and loves us so much, despite our frailties. For love of him, we are here in front of you with all our smiles and with all the happiness of our hearts, because today, we have renewed the Yes in front of our first Love which is Jesus.
We prayed before Jesus, especially on this special day for us, and we are truly faithful to our call, that despite our weaknesses, He cares more, even more strongly in his open arms.
Despite this pandemic, He has never made us lack for anything. Indeed, he strengthened us more to fight the virus through prayer.
Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of St. Joseph – Her Spouse, we are protected from all evil, together with the protection of our beloved Mothers, Mother Elisa and Mother Teresa, of our Emo. Father and of our deceased sisters who always accompany our steps up there on the path of holiness.
Filled with gratitude, we raise our hearts to heaven to thank each one of them.
To our dearest Mother Ilaria, we thank her so much for her presence among us, for the precious words she instilled in us, for the smile she showed us and above all for the examples she gave us and taught. THANKS REALLY MOTHER!
To our dear Mother Myriam, who despite her physical absence, we know that she prayed for us on this special day.
To our Mother Councilors, thank you for your loving support of us, who in silence supported us with your prayers.
To our dear Mother Luisella, we thank you so much for her maternal presence among us, for the material and spiritual support, for the good of our community, and also thanks for keeping us united and steadfast in this religious family.
To our dear Sister Venerina, thank you for these days of our preparation because she made us reflect on the preciousness of our call and she made us understand the value of our religious family, woe if we forget all this! Again, thanks to you!
With great gratitude our thoughts go out to our parents and our families, who loved us and gave us to the Lord. We always remember their sacrifices and their spiritual support, we will not be as we are now without their spiritual help. May the Lord reward them for all they have done and taught us.
On our journey we can never forget our dear formators, thanking them for their prayers, especially on this day, for their precious teachings that are still alive in the depths of our hearts so far.
To you dear sisters, from the oldest to the smallest, thank you for your sincere help, because without you, this day is not so beautiful, wonderful, magnificent and unforgettable. You are our right hand to go forward on this path.
Thank you so much dear sisters, especially those who work in the various offices, we do not list everything because our letter is already so long…. We know that you have collaborated and worked with your heart, the Lord sees and He will think of everything.
May your sacrifices be rewarded with many blessings from the Lord.
Again a big big thank you… to all of you!
Thanks with all our heart!
The renewing sisters.

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