Mother Noemi Carbone, fsml

Mother Elisa on 10 February 1969 opened first house in Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu and two years later, in June 1971, in Madurai – Moondruvadi – K. Podur where she inaugurated the first house owned by the Institute, next to the Hospital and school for the most needy children, and put as responsible Sister Noemi Carbone who distends herself for her service to the lepers so much that she is considered by them the “Mother Teresa of Calcutta of the Daughters of Santa Maria di Leuca”.

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In this state the nuns with tireless love continue to dedicate themselves to leprosy patients, following the example of Mother Elisa who, when she arrived in that land, put herself to work, and unable to communicate with the language, she made herself understood with the language of love.

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