Each place where Mary appeared has a mark and leaves a wonderful impression on people throughout the century after century. When it comes to Mother, naturally, everyone feels like there is a joy filling their heart and filling their soul. Today, in honor of Our Lady of Fatima, mankind will never forget the message she gave to three children on the Cova da Iria in 1917.
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And also today, in Vietnam, the Congregation of Daughters of St.Mary of Leuca celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass and blessed the Community – the first community in Vietnam. The ceremony of blessing the community was presided over by Father John Huong – Parish Priest of Fatima Binh Trieu parish and the Mass was presided over by Father Vinh Son Nguyen Van Dinh (SC) – with the presence of the Mother General – Mother Ilarria Nicolardi and the Sister from the Philippines, and great-grandparents of the first nuns of the Congregation and fellow monks.

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Before that, the Mother General and the sisters had a meeting with Archbishop Joseph Nguyen Nang, marking the presence of the Congregation in Vietnam.

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With the spirit and spirituality of Mary, the Congregation brings to the local Church a new color of consecrated life, a new color of clothes, a new habit – that of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. With this, we sisters are always called to live for everyone, to live for God, to take on a mother’s heart in service. Put on Mary’s habit and put on her virtues, put on humility, put on the spirit of giving…

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Hopefully in faith the Congregation will grow and will bear fruit in service. And many Vocations will come from this land.

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